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How to Overcome Bad Air Delivery from PSC Motors with Programmable Fan Control.
All forced air cooling and heating systems rely on a motor and fan to circulate air throughout the interior of your customers’ home. However, in many cases, the existing PSC motor that came with their HVAC equipment isn’t capable of performing optimally or matching their comfort needs.

In addition, these stock PSC motor fans can wind up being expensive to run, especially during weather extremes. Fortunately, ECM replacement options, like the ComforTune System, offer an answer to these common comfort issues experienced by your customers.

ECM replacement are 50% more efficient than PSC motors, and, with the ComforTune, you are able to program a fan control module at the time of install for customized airflow. These solutions are quiet and will typically cost about the same as a light bulb to run. However, it’s the programmable fan control motor that really sets them apart from single speed PSC motors.

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Programmable Fan Control

The ability to tune or customize your customers’ airflow via the programmable fan control motor gives them the opportunity to enjoy their system’s maximum performance and greater comfort without having to put extra wear and tear on it. For instance:

•In the winter, a slower fan speed can allow the air to get warmer.
•In summer, adjusted fan speeds will help achieve greater humidity removal.
•Throughout the year, the system won’t be constantly starting and stopping to overcompensate.
•Your customer will experience a reduction of drafts all year long.
•Fewer particles will be shaken loose in the system and ductwork, keeping the air cleaner.

The Comfortune system has several homeowner benefits including an affordable comfort and energy solution when they are faced with a PSC motor failure or less-than optimal performance from their existing heating and air conditioning equipment.

You can use the ComforTune System as an affordable replacement option for inefficient or failed fixed speed motors as the homeowner benefits from an energy saving variable speed motor to improve home comfort and indoor air quality.

No other solution provides customized airflow to fit your customer’s lifestyle and comfort needs while extending the operating life of their existing equipment.




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