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Web-enabled Thermostat Systems Can Save Churches Substantial Money on Energy Costs.


According to Energy Star®, the two systems that account for the largest portion of energy usage in churches are the lighting and heating and cooling equipment. On their Web site, Energy Star suggests "congregational facilities install network thermostat systems, not only because of their simplicity and power, but also because they are affordable and allow the system to expand as budget, time and size of the facilities grow." The Web Comfort™ System from Jackson Systems can save churches substantial money on their energy bills.

The Web Comfort Communicating Thermostat System by Jackson Systems delivers exceptional value by enabling multiple thermostats to be wirelessly networked throughout the congregational facility. The Web Comfort system provides an easy-to-use, web-based dashboard for programming, monitoring and control. Each Web Comfort is enabled for Internet connectivity and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The Web Comfort Communicating Thermostat System provides individual temperature control coupled with energy monitoring and cost savings by upgrading stand-alone thermostats to a powerful building management system. Providing intelligent energy management, the Web Comfort system creates more comfortable occupants along with reduced energy costs. The Web Comfort communicating system is compatible with HVAC systems and controls up to 1,000 thermostats simultaneously. Lighting can also be added and controlled.


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Church facility managers benefit from the Web Comfort through convenience of use; multiple thermostats throughout a single or multiple buildings can be programmed and monitored from a single account via an internet portal. Also, facility managers can save energy and money by implementing setback schedules throughout their building thus not conditioning spaces when it is not necessary. The Web Comfort allows for multiple schedules throughout the day to accompany different occupied times and settings.
More information about the Web Comfort Communicating Thermostat System can be found online at
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