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America’s Leading Service Contractor Sales Coaching Website & Conference Celebrates 10 Years Helping Contractors Grow Their Businesses.


One of America’s leading service industry sales coaching member sites and conferences celebrates 10 years of helping almost 4,000 service contractors grow their businesses and generate millions more in revenue. and Total Immersion Sales conference both were founded in 2006 by entrepreneurs Joe and Julie Crisara, who built and sold a very successful service contracting business before expanding into training and coaching.

“We discovered that using proven sales techniques and business processes are very important in building a company. Many contractors spent 90% of the time on learning on how to use the tools of their trade and very little time on how to market or sell their service,” said Joe Crisara, co-founder. “Knowing how to communicate the value of your solutions and services to the customer is a top priority.”

The sales coaching training approach gets strong reviews from service techs, professional plumbers, electricians and HVAC contractors:

“Here I thought I was going to sales training to here the usual ‘blah, blah, blah’ type sales trainer. Instead I came back with a life changing experience and much easier way to sell that completely recharged my batteries,” said GEM Plumbing’s Rick Picard (a $5 million salesperson), of Providence, RI. “The best way to describe what Joe does is to think about how even the greatest athletes in the world have their own personal coach. Joe has been on the ground as a service tech and sales person in the service contracting industry for years so he knows all the challenges we face day-in-day-out. He not only helps you overcome these obstacles but makes sure that you bring them all up so he can help you.”


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“Our desire from day one of and Total Immersion Sales Summit, our coaching and more is simple: help service contractors grow their business. And the impact has been nationwide these past 10 years,” said co-founder and coach Joe Crisara.

“Bringing the tools and techniques of growing a business to service contractors is a huge opportunity and we are excited as we grow to include 21st century tools including apps and websites to further help contractors be on the leading edge of their field,” said Julie Crisara, CEO and co-founder.

Member website is one of the leading portals for service contractors to get industry information and resources to grow their business. The site currently helps more than 1,200 contractors grow their business by offering articles, videos, ebooks, marketing materials and more, including virtual coaching and training. Meanwhile, Total Immersion Sales Summit counts more than 2,700 attendees during the past decade, the conference lineup for 2016 available at The company’s award-winning app helps contractors use the Science of Options to give customers choice, and has proven to increase sales.

About: and related sites offer sales and software solutions for the service industry, including apps, blogs, websites, sales training, and virtual coaching. For more information, please see Mention ’10 year anniversary’ and get 25% off at the Total Immersion Sales conference.



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